At the age of 15, Gunter (Alano López’s real name) started his DJ-career at private parties. After 2 years of learning how to give everyone a good time on the dance floor, he decided it was time for the next step: spinning the decks at big public parties. A few local drive-in shows asked him to join them and for many years, he played at lots of student parties in and around Antwerp (B) and Brussels (B) during the week and in various discotheques during the weekend.

He also started working at a sound and light rental company, So he did jobs all over Flanders, which gave him new chances to play all over the country. He also begun to work as a radio DJ on a local station on saturday, presenting the charts and a live dance mix every week. Two years later a second radio station got interested and together with the management over there, he started a new radio station that focused on dance and R&B music. It was a major succes.

In the meantime Gunter went to the ALC Academy, the first official school in Belgium for sound and light engineers. He took a three year class and had the chance to work with big belgian artists like Hooverphonic, Novastar, Das Pop … and at big music festivals like Lokerse Feesten and Brussels Jazz Marathon. In 2015 he finished an extra education as recording studio engineer at Hype Studio (Belgium) and graduated by recording new songs from the belgian bands Rumble Mud and Stash. He did some freelance jobs for various artists and festivals and became sound engineer for some coverbands. Meanwhile Gunter also started doing jobs as a light-jockey at parties, festivals, … Nowadays he is the resident light-jockey at Oever’s Super Single Nights and for the dutch Metallica tribute band called MeclassicA.

Since 2016 DJ Gunter was asked to play at various events and locations abroad, so he decided to work on his international career and changed his name to Alano López. Last summer he was booked for events in Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy and Portugal. In Belgium he’s a resident DJ at Eventroom and Thursday’s and fills the floor at many events and parties.

And this is only the beginning … much more to come! If you want to experience what a party should be, do not hesitate to contact us and let Alano López fill your dance floor at your next event Feel free to ask all info by filling in the contact form on this website..

Alano López … the art of creating your party!